Tuesday, November 28, 2017

beach ed at westshore

                                                             beach ed #2
On Friday 24th of November the year 4 and 5s went to West-Shore  to learn about how to be safe in water . We learnt about safe swimming and the different sorts of rescue. There are 3 sorts of rescues:  board rescue , tube rescue and a I.R.B rescue Here`s some safety tips.

1. Always swim between the red and yellow flags 
2. Never swim alone
3. Always have an adult watch over you   

                                           This is me playing seaweed trying to tag Janice

                                                This is Ruby doing her warm up skills

                                                    This is a picture of us playing seaweed

                                 This is Ruby and Dusty doing a life rescue play doing the smelly bum position

Friday, November 17, 2017

PBL Relfection


This is my moon moth model .   something I enjoyed was painting the model because it is fun to paint . Something I found challenging was making the wings because the wings kept falling of from the plastic paper. A learning muscle I used was my making links muscle.how I made links with the moon moth was last I did paper mache for my vase .

This is my report

                                                        Choose your level of challenge.

Criteria - “What’s Good”

* All writing must Structure be done 1st. The photos, pics, diagrams etc are done after when you choose how to present your report.

  • 1-2 paragraphs
  • Put it in your own words
  • Include a few keywords/topic words
* All writing must be done 1st. The photos, pics, diagrams etc are done after when you choose how to present your report.

  • 3+ paragraphs
  • Put it in your own words
  • Include some keywords/topic words
* All writing must be done 1st. The photos, pics, diagrams etc are done after when you choose how to present your report.

  • 4 + paragraphs
  • Put it in your own words
  • Include keywords/topic words


I use text structures to organise my writing effectively for its purpose.

My Goals (x3) are:  (insert link PV Kidspeak Writing Progressions)

1)I prepare in a variety of ways
2)I write simple and compound sentences using varied conjunctions
3)I choose words and phrase appropriate to the topic and purpose


Contents page

What they eat

Life cycle


Visual dictionary (moon moths)

Insect Acrostic poem




A luna moth is a insect .It looks like a lime-green butterfly. It is  11.43 cm big. A luna moth has 4 wings and 6 legs . They have two fake eyes on its wings to scare away pests. luna moths are sort of moths. They do not suck blood. It has a wingspan of up to 11.4 cm making it one of the largest moths in North America . Its scientific name is Actias moth. Moon moths only fly at night and that is how luna moths get there name luna means moon.

Life cycle    

Firstly,  an adult female moth lays up to 200 eggs in a small group on the leaves of a walnut tree.They are an heki  for 12-14 days .Tekau (ten) days later, a small caterpillar eats its way out of the egg . Secondly they are larvas for 3½-4 weeks. The newborn caterpillar eat constantly -several leafs  every day-and grows quickly . Next, they are a Cocoon and pupa .They are cocoons for Rua 2-3 weeks and they are 2½ inches long . The caterpillar is fully  grown now . It stops eating and finds it self  a safe place to make its cocoon. Last of all, luna moths live for a week . At first there wings are soft and crumbled. In rua tekau minutes there wings are full size and almost dry.


Luna moths are found in some countries in the world especially North America. They live in woodlands and forests because it is a place where there is peace and quiet and also a good place to lay eggs. They live in the hollows of trees and under leaves so  keep them safe . This way they can hide from predators such as bats, and when they are caterpillars hide from birds. Luna moths are bats favorite snack. In Britain and Ireland blue tits birds eat an estimated 50 billion luna moths each year.

What do they eat
Moon moths eat a lot of different types of food. As a caterpillar they eat plants such as Betula. A betula is a tin leaved tree it is related to beech oak family tree. Alnus it is flowering plant belong to the birch family .  Liquidambar commonly called sweet gum it looks like a big bush. Juglans is also known as a walnut tree. A Rhus is called a sumac as well it has greenish reddish leaves on it . As an adult moon moths do not eat.adult luna moths do not eat any

Luna moths are important to the environment. Like all moths and butterflies they are helpful because they pollinate flowers while feeding on their nectar. This helps with seed production and helping plants to grow.

Screenshot 2017-08-30 at 12.30.27 PM.png

Acrostic poem

In nature there are millions of of insects there

Never touch a bee or it will sting you

Some insects come at marama

Every insect is a hēki, then an insect

Can insects be piki

There are lots of sorts aitanga pepeke in the world


Luna - luna means moon in italian

Marama- means moon in maori

Hēki- means egg in maori

kahurangi tits- is a small passerine pua. It belongs in the tit family

Screenshot 2017-09-21 at 2.07.49 PM.png
Here`s a pic
Actias moth- is a scientific ingoa for moon moth

By Chahat

beach ed

                             Beach Ed

STOP to you know your 5 rules 

1. always  swim between the flags
You should swim between the flag all time because the life guard can see and it is the safest place to swim.

2. have an adult watching over you all times
Whenever you are at the beach, river and swimming pool there should always an adult watching you because if you drown no one is there to help you.

3. listen to the advice from the life guard
you should all ways listen to the lifeguard because if they tell you to not to surf in this area you should not because someone could get hurt.

4. never swim or surf alone 
you should always swim or surf with someone then you have company and you feel safe.

5. If in doubt stay out 
if you do not feel safe in a area go to another area

calendar art refletion

this is my calendar art
this is about silhouette of people or animals doing things . I choose hip hop .

this is how to make this sort of art
firstly you get some scrap paper secondly you choose what silhouette you want thirdly you draw it fourthly we get a piece of paper then you draw sections for the silhouette fifthly draw patterns in the sections sixth choose some colors for the sections after that sketch what you draw on the scrap paper on to the black piece then cut them out lastly cut them out and glue it on the paper you made the sections on.

the learning muscle I used was my perseverance muscle . how I used my perseverance muscle was I did not give up when something went wrong.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Matariki peom

Matariki   Screenshot 2017-06-29 at 12.37.31 PM.png
Matariki is a traditional celebration for maori people.  
At Matariki we remember your family members or your friends what have past away.
The stars shine really bright that means that next year there will be enough fruit and veges.                                                     
Another Country does something same as Matariki but you can only can see Six stars
Rangi is in the 3 names of Matariki
It happens once a year in New Zealand
Kites,taonga,hangi and other things stuff as well you can celebrate for Matariki
In Japan there are only 6 stars